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WELCOME to my scrap quilt design notebook!   

Do you find it difficult to throw away your fabric scraps?  Is your fabric stash outgrowing its storage area?  Are you looking for unique ideas for making quilts of all shapes and sizes from your stash?  If so, you have come to the right site!

All of the ideas you will find here will help you shrink your fabric collection, not make it grow, because the scraps are used as they are--I encourage very little waste. 

In the Photo Gallery you will find a variety of ideas for using scraps of all shapes and sizes, focusing on "scrappy piecing". 

  **Click on the "How-to" tab to learn my easy Scrappy Piecing Technique which is used in these designs.

Head to the Photo Gallery to see what can be done with the scraps YOU have. 

Bookmark this site so you can check back often.   And please share this website with your quilting friends. 



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